Healing with Heart



Since childhood, I receive premonition dreams. Guided by a deep intuitive sense, I surrender into trusting that compass.  The great mystery of life's expression of itself is my teacher and I, her willing pupil.

Many miracles and trans formative events occur and have happened in my living life including brain surgery. There were complications and the surgery took longer than expected. The lead surgeon later said, “There was something greater than me there, guiding my hands’. 

The night after the surgery my hospital bed was surrounded with the greatest warmth and love. I was vomiting a lot of blood, the young nurse alarmed.."Oh my God!", she cried out. I said "No, hon really its Okay! Don't worry, my body is clearing itself" I felt a Presence and knew that I wasn't alone. My hospital bed was surrounded. I felt truth and light again, in its purest sense, like I do when I close my eyes & can hear wind singing in the trees or feel sun warming my cheeks...we feel calm in the presence of universal energy.

After a year recovery, I returned my nursing career in a busy inner city hospital. Soon though, I made the decision to transfer my energy and efforts to working/serving in the field of Holistic Medicine. Integrative medicine facilitated my recovery; Specifically: Reiki, Meditation & Land Based Healing.

Reiki and meditation brought balance back into my life. My home, the mountains, the water, the plants, the trees brought peace & cleansing of my spirit and body. 

I continue to embrace many incredible experiences and shifts in my perception as I deepen into Being. I am now a greater version of myself or simply put, I have remembered who I am and why I am with You and our Beautiful Mother Earth at this time. 

I look forward to meeting you and walking beside you in the beauty of your healing/transformational journey....whether in birthing yourself or a new little ancestor into this world....

  • Holistic Doula
  • Wise Woman way of Birthing Certified
  • Matrona Holistic Doula Certified
  • Doula Services Association of BC
  • Canadian Reiki Association
  • Affiliate of the Centre for Reiki Training, Maui, Hawaii

Intuitive Readings

By Special Request I do see people for readings, in person or through Email or Zoom on line appointment. .

As a born "Seer" and connected to this gift, I draw on it to help people come to a sense of peace, refinement, validation of lived experience. 

For a reading, send me your request through Contact page.

 I am here and am happy to support your healing journey. xoxo

What lives deeply in my heart? 

Wind, My river, Stone people, Trees, Water, Nature, and my connection as such a small and yet integral part of all that is <3 We are here to experience and share joy in all its infinite forms. The sharing with community, family, love connections....All mirrors of the infinite....

What calms me and soothes my soul? Earth, Stars and Moon, Nature Beings, Stone peoples, Water spirits. Meditation and journeying both to my center universe and outer one, on the open road; with good music and the Sun in my face!