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Water, Fresh Air & Connection with our Earth Mother

July 2020

Health benefits of connecting to and 'feeding' the nature that is within us are critical, especially now. The nature that's within is reflected in Water and Earth, 

When we connect in our barefeet, spend time in a forest, wash our body in the cold water of a River with gratitude for such a gift, we link in Mind, Body and Soul!

In doing so, we become centered, calm, clear and more resilient. Our immunity is boosted and our lymphatic system clears. We begin to function fluidly without the racing thoughts or anxiety. We begin to operate at our fullest capacity. And we feel alive!

What is Earthing? 

  • Clint Ober coined this term when he co-wrote and published the Book "Earthing". Clint started his journey in the late 1990's and for the past 10 years has been involved in researching and documenting the benefits of grounding
  • The book "Earthing" is full of research based evidence, documentation and personal healing stories.
  • Earthing literally is connecting to our Earth, with your bare feet for 20 minutes every day. This grounds us, promotes peace and truly increases your creativity and free thinking. 
  • Our body gets fed with negatively charged ions of our planet, which balances us. 
  •  The negative ions cancel out the positively charged free radicals in our bodies.
  •  These free radicals are the root of dis ease, inflammation and stress. There truly is no secret to earthing other than Just Do it! Be Her. You are the very Nature that eludes us when we sit in offices, behind desks and in automobiles with heavy shoes.  
  • Did you know that when you garden, the soil naturally acclimatizes to your energetic vibration and will produce in the soil the minerals you are lacking? 
  • True story. 

Breathing technique to calm the soul:

  • Find Moments to stop everything you are doing. 
  • Breathe 4 breath cycles; 
  • Each in and out  is 1 breath Cycle. 
  • Breathe long and slow. You may want to place your hand over your heart or your belly. 
  • Enjoy and drop into your heart as you breathe. Listen deeply to the air enter and flow. Leave thoughts behind for just a moment or two. 
  • Stay with the in breath or the out breath. Track it all the way in. Now track it all the way out. Do it again. 
  • Open your eyes. Smile and touch your heart. 

Water Healing: 

  • Water is the first medicine. It is the first gift of life. When we connect to the water, as I am in the above photo, we are connecting to a part of our soul that lays deep inside us. It is connected to the very first memories of your Soul walk. We spend the first 9 months of our lives playing rolling around in and existing in a warm space, full of vibration and cocooned felt sense. 
  • Connecting to the water brings us back to the beginning of our Lands song. Ocean waves for example, stimulate an area of our brains called to hippocampus which governs our limbic system. 
  • The waves rhythmical sounds produce a vibration by our receiving ears induces peace and heart support. 
  • Calming felt sense starts to seep into your emotional state.  You no longer feel a fight or flight energy in your body (which so many of us do who live in packed cities and suburbs).
  • You start to feel clear and no longer shaky. 

So next time you stand at the waters edge, take your shoes off, breathe for 4 breathe cycles, close you eyes and dip your feet in..... if only for a  moment. 

Hugs, Tonya

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