Healing with Heart


HIDI-Fibinocci Heart Mantra-Hearts Unify

"I Breathe...Allow me to Feel...My Heart, Our Wisdom..Thank you..I am You"

Heart Coherence -Hearts Unify

  • Every Sunday at 11 am, people "lights" from all over the world, connect 
  • The of ripple our heart coherence breathes compassion and joy into the unified field.  
  • Invite in harmony and coherence through simple heart focused breath & regenerative feelings.

Hosts: Dirk Terpstra Coherence Hotspot Founder & HeartMath® Trainer & Hilary Davies, HeartMath®Certified-Global Coherence Network. 

Global Event Click on Butterfly link above

For West Coast Bc Free Zoom Event with Tonya See Below

Lori Froese-Langley

"As a child of nature, I feel deeply grounded and loved as Tonya leads us into the light of our hearts and collective unity"

Coherence Hotspot West Coast BC

Free Event 

Spring Dates TBA

There's a choice point to release anxiety and worry.  

Embrace the Peace

Breathing, Feeling, Silence

Learn how Science & Heart based breathing are all connected

Activating the 'way' of Heart Coherence, connect with the Unity Field, beyond doubt, worry, isolation...

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