Healing with Heart


Japanese Traditional Modality of Relaxation & Wellness

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"Only in Silence, can We Hear our Soul"​

Remote Healing Client Shares...

Thank you! Today felt magik 💖

I had the urge to laugh uncontrollably and smiling for no reason almost like I heard some(thing) funny after the session; throughout the day. So thank you! My heart is thankful 

Isabella Meckling, White Rock, BC

I went into see Tonya with terrible pain in my right hip & leg. She noticed right away that my hip was out. It took one treatment to get my pain down by more than 50 % & the next treatment, almost all gone. I have been able to work a complete 8 hrs without pain & have had many good night sleeps since going to her. She relaxes me & gets rid of my pain. I would recommend her to everyone that has pain. I am 72 years old & still working. many thanks to Tonya

Lynda Notte, Langley, BC

Rei​ki is a Traditional Japanese Energy Healing Modality

Welcome to an integrative and powerfully effective approach to healing.

Energy Medicine is highly effective in balancing your body, mind, and emotions. It boosts immunity, as it decreases stress hormones. Stress is leading cause of disease. By negating the leading cause, you are in essence, taking a pro-active approach to your wellness. Often people will experience a detox of their lymphatic system and feel a boost of energy, while experiencing a deep state of calm. 

Healthy body, healthy mind, and balanced emotions and spirit with Reiki.

 Alleviates many acute and chronic symptoms such as 

  • Anxiety & Insomnia
  • post concussion syndrome
  • Pain management-(clients experience a significant decrease in pain and discomfort)
  • Migraines
  • Mental Health challenges: depression, post-partum depression "baby blues", PTSD, Loss.
  • Pre-natal Wellness 
  • Birthing Support (Reiki Doula) 

Relocated to North Saanich

~On line services still available.

~Stay tuned for Saanich area location!

Thank you to Naomi & Fort Langley Massage & Holistic Health! My 2 years as part of our Team was an incredible journey. To my wonderful clients, I raise my hands to you. It was an honour to walk alongside you in the last 2 years, as you birthed your babies, healed from past traumas, or just embraced your wellness;  transitioning in the most profound of ways..

I also want to introduce my dear colleague & past Reiki Student, Amanda. She is slipping into my spot at Fort Langley Massage & Holistic Health.  I hope you go see her..Her hands and heart have the capacity to heal universes..

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Reiki Community Clinics (Reiki Shares)

Weekly gathering for a moment of Deep peace, Community connection & Empowerment

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In Office Client Shares...

For a long time I had hesitated to ask for help, not wanting to appear weak and vulnerable but you made me feel like I was talking to an old friend. I left with clarity, energy and sense of calm. ​Thank you.”

Henry Q., Vernon, BC​ December, 2018

Reiki Courses 

Ask about our Reiki Courses. 

Levels 1, 2 and 3 are offered. 

Reiki Shodun Degree, Chuden Degree & Shinpiden Mastery/ Teachers Level. 

With over 10 years of experience teaching Reiki to people all across BC, Tonya shares the information in a relaxed and thorough style. Your journey in the course work includes theory & practical hands on guidance in mastering each level. Ongoing Mentorship is part of your course package. 

Please Contact Tonya for details.