Healing with Heart

Community Reiki Clinic (Reiki Share)

  • What is a Reiki Clinic? It is a space for people to come together and learn about Reiki, experience it and share time with your community, in a positive uplifting environment.
  •  Welcome & Introductions, 10 minute guided mindfulness meditation, 5 minutes info session on Reiki, an Open Reiju, 20 minutes Reiki Share, 5 min closing, last comments & 'housekeeping'
  • Your host, Tonya, Registered Reiki Teacher & Certified Practitioner of this Japanese Healing/Mindfulness art. With over 10 years of teaching, meditation and healing experience she is happy to host her community.

When: October 9, 2021, Saturday, 2 to 4pm

Location: Libellula Movement Studio, 2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney, Bc

Bring: A bottle of water and donation (Can be cash or E- transfer to [email protected])

Collective consciousness is powerful. When multiple people direct their intention in a heart focused way, healing happens 


Community Feedback

"..A lovely heart opening experience, peaceful.

 ...grounding and centering. It brought me back into my body..

I always find warmth & love in my interactions with you ❤"

Lori Froese - White Rock, Bc

"Reiki opens our mind to all possibilities.. we are Source Love."

Tonya Godin